#003: WordPress Posts, Pages, Users & Categories

Club Koala logoThis is a WordPress (WP) ”post‘  which can be thought of as a daily, or weekly (or whenever) diary or journal entry, much like a personal web blog entry.

Contrast this with a WP ‘page‘ which typically contains more static information, and is generally accessed on the website via a Menu selection.

This post has been entered by a TRC user who has previously been registered (by our website Administrator) as either a Contributor user ‘type’. User types are:

  1. Subscriber: Can only Read posts – cannot create any themselves;
  2. Contributor: Can create their own posts, but these must be approved by an Editor before they will be  ‘published’;
  3. Author: Able to create and publish own posts;
  4. Editor:  Can create own posts, and approve publishing of Contributors;
  5. Administrator: Controls all user accounts, features, etc

All posts are initially created with a ‘pending’ status, and are later ‘published‘ to the website. Contributor posts are only published after being approved by an Editor. All TRC members are invited to become Contributor users, and may later be granted additional access as they become more proficient.

When published, all posts appear on our TRC website under the ‘News‘ menu item, in simple chronological order with the newest at the top, older at the bottom.

In entering a post, the user can additionally associate it with any number of  previously defined ‘categories‘ to assist retrieval via a filtered search. Current TRC categories include Club, Youth, Community, International, Speakers, etc.  To view an individual ‘category’ group (rather than all News posts), select from the choices offered under Latest News as displayed at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar.