Who We Are

The Rotary Club of Toowong is one of a worldwide network of 46,000+ autonomous Rotary clubs, within the non-political, non-sectarian organisation that is Rotary International.

Our members are among the 1.4 million friends, business and professional colleagues, and community leaders, who all came together to create positive, lasting benefits within our communities, and around the world.

Through Rotary International, the reward of ‘paying it forward’ unites Rotarians from different backgrounds, cultures, religious and political beliefs the world over, creating an environment where ordinary people can achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Our Membership

The Rotary Club of Toowong was originally Chartered in 1965, in an era when members were all male, mostly owners of small businesses, or independent professionals of some community standing. Membership was primarily based on one’s vocational ‘classification’.

Over time, economic and social changes opened the door to a more diverse membership, including women, who were welcomed into Rotary as full members in the late 1980’s.
Since then the direct contribution of women has soared, and they have had numerous key roles within our Club, including Club Presidents and Board Directors.

A priority for our club remains the growth and diversification of our membership, to make sure we reflect the communities we serve. Our capacity to increase our impact and expand our reach is larger when more people unite with us, which is why we value diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Rotary celebrates and welcomes the contributions of people of all backgrounds, regardless of their age, ethnicity, race, color, abilities, religion, socioeconomic status, culture, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Our Club Structure

Like all Rotary Clubs, our club is led by a Club President and supported by a Board of Directors who ensure that the goals and objectives of the club are established, and that all members are involved in achieving those goals:

Club Service
Community Engagement

Vocational Service
Community Service
Youth Service
International Service