This year, four local primary schools – Fig Tree Pocket SS, Ironside SS, Kenmore South SS,  and Our Lady of the Rosary (OLR) [Kenmore], participated and, on 24/10/2023, Club President Christine Stevenson, in conjunction with RJCA Convenor Janelle Bodman,  presented personalised certificates to 75 successful students.

Rotary Junior Community Awards

The Rotary Junior Community Awards
– often described as a junior ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ Award – 
is a non-competitive award designed to encourage Year 6 primary students to increase their knowledge about their local community, and provide them with some satisfaction in experiencing volunteering.

At the start of the school year, each participating student is provided with a diary of community activities to work through.

The diary directs the attention of participants towards Community service, Physical recreation, and a variety of Social experiences and skills.

When all the tasks are completed, our club holds a formal ceremony to congratulate the successful students, and they are presented with a personalised certificate.