Citizenship Ceremony

Each year on Australia Day (26th January) our club hosts a Citizenship Ceremony, where applicants for citizenship are required to make the Australian Citizenship Pledge.
This is the final step in their journey to become an Australian citizen.

The ceremony is also an important opportunity to officially welcome new citizens as full members of the Australian community.
Candidates are invited to attend a citizenship ceremony once their citizenship application has been approved.

Our ceremonies are generally held at the Peter Doherty Centre, Indooroopilly SHS, where approx. 40-50 candidates are welcomed, registered, seated and participate in the ceremony. 

The ceremony is run in accordance with the requirement of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, led by a local Australian Government representative, acting as Presiding Officer.

The ceremony marks the end of the candidate’s journey as a migrant and the beginning of their life as an Australian citizen.
They publicly announce their decision to make Australia their new home, to participate in their community, to contribute to their new country by helping to build our nation’s future.