#001: Website Content

The key to managing our TRC website lies in maintaining its information Content, and ensuing that it is (as far as possible) Up-to-Date.
WordPress, as a full blown Content Management System (CMS), and it has features that appear to allow us to tackle both of these issues.

Content, in the form of information, photos, videos, web links, etc, essentially falls into two broad groupings:

  1. Static:
    Information that changes very little over time and, once established, usually only requires some occasional updates or ‘tweaking.
    This generally appears on a website as web ‘pages’.
  2. Non-Static:
    New information,  constantly being added, regularly growing/changing and importantly, often being contributed by our own club members (or outsiders) if they wish.
    This is commonly is shown on many websites as a diary-like journal or web ‘blog’ – WP files away individual items as ‘posts.

While the Static content, once established will be ‘manageable’, the Non-Static information is the key to giving a website its vibrant, dynamic, constantly changing, constantly evolving appearance – a life of its own.
Certainly we will still have to rely on one or two club members to tweak the Static content, but any/all club members who wish to contribute news/articles, reports, photos, promote upcoming events, provide personal updates, etc will be provided with a capacity to readily do so.