Disadvantaged Children's Movie Festival

This project has provided the club with funds of more than $800,000 over its lifetime.  Whilst more than $500,000 has been donated to Drug Arm, to assist with their community work, it has also allowed the club to fund a PhD scholarship through the Australian Rotary Health (ARH), and to support numerous other charitable causes.

Each year, movie tickets are distributed to a number of accredited children’s organisations which, in turn, ensure that appropriate families are able to enjoy a day out at the movies.  

On a nominated weekend, usually in October or November, our club takes over 3 or 4 cinemas for two sessions each day, and making them available to needy children and their carers, at no cost.

The event is a stimulating experience for families who normally would not be able to manage such an outing. Club members actively participate on the movie days, acting as ushers and providing each child with a small bag of sweets.

The project is run in  partnership with Drug-Arm, a not-for-profit organisation committed to reaching out and reducing harms associated with alcohol and other drug use.
Funds raised go towards providing outreach and
counselling support to those who are in desperate need for these services. 

Originally instigated in the 2002-03 Rotary year, this year marks the 21st Annual Movie Festival.