Feros Medical, Nursing & Allied Health student grants

One of our Club’s signature programs, this project was initially setup in the 2003-04 year by Club members the late Dr. John Feros and his wife Judy Feros. Over the years it has provided funds to enable hands-on training experience, in remote locations – within Australia and overseas – for a large number of young student doctors, nurses, and allied health workers. 

Project Origin:
This project began when PDG Dr. John Feros instigated the first grant to (the soon-to-be Dr.)  Jack Sloss in the 2003-04 Rotary year.

Initially (medical-student)  Jack Sloss was provided with a $750 travel grant, to help pay airfares to a ‘rural or remote’ centre, where he was to undertake a six-week placement, as part of his medical training  at the University of Queensland (UQ).

A strong relationship developed between the club and the UQ Medical Faculty, also assisted by the club’s Honorary Member Professor John Pearn. The project was originally titled DRAMSTAG (Developing and Remote Medical Students’ Travel Assistance Grant). Quite a mouthful!
It was later renamed the Feros Medical Students Grants, in recognition of John Feros’s initiatives and support.

The project has grown and expanded over the years, to allow ‘reverse’ placements – whereby PNG medical students spend time training in an Australian Hospital – and with the highly-successful  inclusion of QUT-based Nurses and Allied Health workers.

This project now incorporates five other participating Rotary Clubs, working closely with the QUT School of Nursing, Allied Health faculties and the University of Queensland Medical School.

The grants ensure that medical and nursing students and other allied health graduate professionals are given the opportunity to work short term in regional and remote areas – generally in Queensland – to further enhance their practical training.
The programmes include upskilling health professionals already working in remote areas, and in particular midwives. 

Grant funding is provided by D9620 grants and other local Rotary Club contributions.

Our club additionally has a long-term alignment with sponsoring post graduate students, through Australian Rotary Health (ARH).