Anti Domestic Violence (DV)

RCT member Carolyn Young, serves as Chair of the Domestic Abuse Committee, which is supported by seven local Rotary Clubs within the Huang and Riseley cluster groups.

Carolyn has worked tirelessly helping each of the participating Rotary Clubs link up with five Women’s refuges in the locality, and in establishing partnership arrangements with related organisations like Challenge DV.

She has also been very successful with several Grant applications which have provided additional resources for the women’s refuges.

A prominent and highly successful project originating from our club, and now adopted by a number of local Rotary Clubs, is the support for several women’s domestic violence refuges throughout Brisbane.

Our club specifically supports the Windana Women’s Refuge.
We work with trained domestic violence managers to ensure that each refuge is well resourced, and the women and children living there have the essentials to help them transition through the various stages of leaving an abusive and unsafe environment, and finding secure independence again.